Recognizing Serious Foot Injuries

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Early Diagnosis and Treatment by a Podiatrist Specialist Offers You Relief From Arthritic Foot Pain

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Your feet are more susceptible to developing arthritis than any other part of your body. That makes a lot of sense, since each foot contains thirty-three joints. Arthritis, by the nature of this disease, is a joint-related condition. There is no way you can fend off the excruciating symptoms of arthritic foot pain when your body's weight-bearing load is delivered by your feet. You can lose a mobile and independent lifestyle if you do not seek early diagnosis of foot pain. Early diagnosis and treatment by a podiatric specialist significantly brings you relief from arthritic foot pain.

Athletic Injury Can Develop Into Foot Arthritis

Athletes are known to suffer injuries to their feet. Team physicians generally move quickly to have the prized stars receive early treatment from podiatrist sports medicine specialists. Athletes can simply not delay treatment for a later time, since a damaged foot condition can easily worsen the problem and negatively impact the star's career.

Age-Related Foot Arthritis

If you're not an athlete, but you fit the profile of having developed age-related foot arthritis symptoms, visit a podiatrist specialist and obtain early care. Early treatment by your podiatrist is designed to prevent total destruction of valuable cartilage and bone material. Once your cartilage and bone material becomes damaged, you'll find it increasingly difficult to move about.

Interrelatedness of Bowel Inflammatory Diseases and Foot Arthritis

You might be surprised to learn that medical conditions of bowel disorders such as ileitis and colitis can result in arthritic conditions of your ankles and toes. You may think these diseases are not related to arthritis, but they are. So treatment of these inflammatory conditions offer you relief from ankle and toe pain. Be sure to seek treatment of these conditions.

Symptoms of Foot and Ankle Pain

If you feel tenderness or pain in your feet, which reduces your ability to move, walk, or bear weight, chances are you're beginning to develop arthritis. You may also notice stiffness and swelling in the joint. Make an appointment with your podiatrist specialist as soon as you can so that a determination can be made about your condition.

Consultation Appointment

You'll be given a consultation appointment date. During that visit, a medical history will be documented. You'll also undergo a physical exam. In all likelihood, you'll also have a magnetic resonance imaging or a CT scan procedure done. A diagnosis of your condition will follow. 

Treatment of Your Condition

Once it's established that you have arthritis, treatments offered may be either physical therapy, medications or steroid injections. You may have to wear orthotic pads in your shoes. If your condition turns out to be in a negatively advanced state, you might have to undergo a joint replacement.