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The Top Four Reasons Runners Experience Toenail Fungus

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Toenail fungus is definitely something you want to avoid, not only to ensure that you don't have unsightly looking feet, but also to ensure that you have healthy feet. Many people are prone to toenail fungus, but especially those who participate in certain activities, such as running. Here are the top four reasons runners experience toenail fungus:

  1. Running Barefoot: While running barefoot on the beach may seem ideal, it's definitely something that should be avoided. There is a great deal of bacteria, especially right along the water edge where things wash up. On top of this, there are many people who visit beaches, so you never know what your unprotected feet can come across. it's highly suggested wearing running shoes. You can run along the water edge where the sand is harder too, so that it doesn't make running more challenging trying to push through loose sand. 
  2. Experiencing Foot Injuries: Foot injuries are common with runners simply because a great deal of pressure is put on the feet. Even when you wear the right shoes, you can hurt your feet if you fall or trip or your shoes start lacking in protection performance. Any time there is an open wound, your foot is more prone. It's important to wear fitted shoes when you run, which also means consistently buying new shoes when it's needed and covering your feet with socks and open wounds with a band-aid if needed. 
  3. Poorly Fitted Shoes: To go into more depth, you need to have properly fitted shoes. The best way to ensure this as a regular runner is to go to a speciality store that can test the way that you run. This is going to help find the perfect form fitted shoe with the right insole. This way, your feet are much better protected and your running performance will be boosted as a bonus. 
  4. Not Getting Treated: Finally, many runners who do experience toenail fungus at some point make the mistake of believing that it will go away. This is not the case and, in fact, can become much worse overtime without treatment. It's important to get your feet checked by a podiatrist and schedule for proper treatment. Laser nail treatment may even be considered to help treat toenail fungus that doesn't seem to be going away. This kills the fungus fast so that you no longer have to deal with it. 

When you know these four reasons runners experience toenail fungus, you can take care of your own feet properly as a runner.