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Tips For Recovering From Bunion Surgery

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If you are about to have bunion or foot surgery then you may be a bit apprehensive about your recovery. Recovery from bunion surgery can be challenging. However, once you know ahead of time what to expect it becomes a lot easier to prepare for it. Here are some tips that will help you during recovery.

The First Few Days

Once the surgery is completed you will be asked to keep your foot elevated and to rest. For the first four days this is critical because it will assist with the reduction of swelling and pain. If you keep your foot elevated during this period of time you will normally feel very little pain and whatever pain is felt is usually easily relieved by taking an over the counter painkiller. Failure to keep your foot elevated during the first few days can increase the risk of infection and put your entire foot at risk.

The Second Week After Surgery

During the second week the dressing is often still on the surgical site, since the incision would not have totally healed yet. The second week after surgery is usually one of the most difficult times; this is because the foot begins to heal and you might get restless and want to move about. However, this is still not a good idea. If you put pressure on the foot you will experience swelling and pain, so you must continue elevating the foot. During this time you can ice the surgical area and use compression to help heal the incision site. Your podiatrist may also use electrical stimulation to help you heal.

The Third Week After Surgery

Your sutures will normally be removed during this time. Elevation of the foot is still recommended but it doesn't have to be as frequent as it was in the first and second week of recovery.  You should wear compression stockings during this time to help keep swelling down when you move around. You should still continue to ice your foot at this stage to keep inflammation at bay. Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications at this time.

Week Four And Beyond

During week four you are well on your way to recovery and you should be able to do a few of your everyday activities. During this time you may still receive electrical stimulation from your doctor. By week five and six you will be back to all your normal activities.

Once you understand what you should and should not do during your recovery from bunion surgery and are compliant, you will not experience as many problems and should recover quite well.