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3 Possible Causes Of Chronically Itchy Feet

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Most people experience itchy feet every now and then. Maybe your feet are a little sweaty, so they feel itchy until you wash them. Or maybe you get bitten by a spider, and your feet itch for a day or two until the bite heals. But what if your feet always seem to be itchy? It's important not to ignore this symptom since there is almost always a cause that you can identify and treat to gain relief. Here's a look at some possible causes.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema, is a skin condition that can occur anywhere on the body, but which often appears on the feet — particularly after the feet have been hot and sweaty for some time. The condition may cause what looks like little blisters or peeling patches on your feet. These may become worse and itchier when you are feeling stressed-out, or after you have been wearing non-breathable shoes and socks for a while.

Eczema is often treatable with a corticosteroid cream. You'll apply the cream to your itchy feet once or twice per day, depending on your doctor's instructions. It should soothe the itching and help stop a flare-up in its tracks.

Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that appears most often on the feet. You can contract it if you come into contact with a surface that someone else with athlete's foot has walked on. Gym floor mats and shower floors are notorious for being carriers of athlete's foot. The condition causes blisters and swollen, red patches to form on the feet. As you itch the patches, they may become more and more painful. 

There are over-the-counter treatments for athlete's foot that you can buy at the pharmacy. In addition to applying the anti-fungal cream several times per day, you'll need to launder your socks in bleach and wear open-toed shoes as much as possible to allow your feet to air out. 

Medication Side Effects

Are you taking any prescription medications, such as a statin or ACE inhibitor? These medications sometimes cause itchy feet as a side effect. Reach out to the doctor who prescribed the medication, and tell them about your symptom. They may be able to change you to a different medication or alter your dose so you don't have to go on dealing with itchy feet.

For more advice on itchy feet, reach out to a podiatrist in your area.